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tv   [untitled]    February 12, 2015 3:30am-4:01am PST

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that demolition work and not really complete it in time. but hopefully thereby avoid fines from bcdc because we'd be in progress in terms of fulfilling the requirement. the wida project, my best understanding is that they are planning on starting construction in this area in spring of 2016 so there is a period of time in which it would just be a pier after we completed the demolition and wida came in and did their work. >> so what's the process, i'm sorry, for us to i guess go out to for someone to complete, to start the demolition? taking a step back. so if they are to start in spring of 2016 taking the march 2015 date out, how long does it take for us to
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out the request for the demolition and how long does that take? >> sf public works has an as-needed contract that we're using so we're not facing a typical process for this demolition work. we can tap into that already- contract. so that's not the timeline that we should be worried about. the actual demolition work i think is not that complicated, may take a month to two months in terms of the actual work stating the work, putting up the protective fencing and actually doing the demolition work. so the amount of time it takes to demolish can easily be accomplished between now and wida's need for this site. >> and then -- so in terms of the restrictions on us, it's
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the bcdc requirement that --. >> yeah, it's both the permanent requirement under the america's cup and a special area plan requirement and i think elsa mentioned to you that bcdc can charge up to $30,000 in fines for failure to comply. >> is that per day or total? >> i think it's --. >> the way it works is under the permit, the america's cup permit, they can fine the port up to $30,000 through bcdc's exclusive enforcement authority. after that they would refer the case to the attorney general. but i did want to also let you know that the executive director of bcdc reported to me that they, that in order to amend the special area plan, which is the regulatory document, they would need their process would take
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the rest of 2015 and it could not be accomplished in time for us to avoid a default in march. >> so they are bound by that to actually put us in default and fine us. >> that's what they have conveyed to us. this conversation about whether sinbad's should be removed goes back to actually discussing the renovation of this building. that's why they've been on month to month since 2000 when their lease expired. it actually came up in the negotiations with bcdc for the renovation of this building. and then the port managed to forestall that as a requirement and it came up again in the special area plan, which is a little bit after that and then it got accelerated or it got set as a date certain in the
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america's cup negotiations. so it's not, bcdc's been very clear that that, this is an important corridor that they want opened up and for them it is not linked to the wida project. >> and i should mention as part of the settlement agreement the port asked sinbad's to own the obligation for any fine that is assessed as a result of their late departure from the site. >> that's included in the december 20 14 settlement. >> it's actually the 2012 settlement already had that amendment in it. >> the only amendment to the settlement in 2014 was the termination date the move-out date. all the other terms remain the same. >> i see. okay. then in
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terms of the information we received regarding gross sales, how does that compare on a square foot basis, do we have that? >> yes, i think it's important to know that mr. stinson was referencing gross numbers and the port calculates our numbers on a per square foot basis and that's how our staff report was crafted. so maybe elsa you can --. >> thaerb, we do have a monthly sales and rent report that is published for every 12 month period and the one here that we have is the 12 month period ending august 2014 and it does list the various restaurants and the total sales that the restaurant reported. and then it also gives what the square footage is and what the sales per square foot is so in comparison to what sinbad's,
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they did generate over $2 million dollars in that period and it came out to about $240.91 per sales per square foot versus maybe if we take another instance of, like, let's see, high dive, which is listed right under sinbad's in this report, they generated virtually the same amount of sales but they generated $1,056.98 sales per square foot. so a lot of it is relative to what the square footage of the restaurant is. >> sorry, brad, to call you back up. in terms of what the economic and work force
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development can do do they have, you said they can also help in terms of assisting with assisting to relocating, finding locations as well as placing employees? >> their staff have offered two things: looking for a new potential lease site somewhere in the city, we don't have a restaurant opportunity like this at the port right now so it would likely be off port property. and then also they have offered to work with sinbad's employees in the case that the restaurant does close and that causes layoffs, whether temporary or not. they have a rapid response and job transition assistance service program and they are trying to connect employees with unemployment insurance, cobra for health insurance, job transition services, including
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job counseling, training and job placement assistance. so that's the suite of services that oewd has available. >> one thing to note that the timing of march is leading into high season for restaurants, especially along the waterfront, whereas before when the restaurant was supposed to close in december, that would have been leading to slow season and that was one of the considerations for extending them to march. >> thank you. commissioner? >> werbltion i think this is obviously a not a very happy situation. it's a difficult situation. i guess in hearing all of the facts and the history and i respect what the restaurant has accomplished and i certainly empathize with the human aspect of this, but i guess the facts are that the situation that we are finding ourselves in, this is a
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situation, it was going to happen, it is not something that the restaurant was not aware of. it seems like there has been knowledge since 2012 that this day was going to come and we did not hear in terms of from the restaurant that they were prepared except now they are saying they want to look at relocation. so i think it's very very unfortunate and i really feel for all of the people involved but it is not as if this has not been the hand writing on the wall for some time and i think both the port has tried to accommodate but it sounds like what i hear from executive director moyer is that we are under a regulatory situation our self and so this is not something that we can simply say let's just extend again. it sounds like if we're getting the message clearly the bcdc finds us accountable to meet the deadline, that is something we have a fiduciary responsibility as a commission to make sure we
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are in compliance with our regulators, which is bcdc and i know it sounds like a catch 22 to put the tenant in, but i think we have to be respectful. i think we are trying to be very respectful here and as i said my heart goes out to the human situation here , but on the other hand i think i'm not sure that i have heard from the owners that they have prepared for this and they have had lots of time to prepare for this day. and i guess they have hoped with each extension that the day would never come but unfortunately sometimes in life reality does come upon us and we have to be prepared. i'm not sure what we really have available left to us to help in the situation. >> commissioner adams. >> this is an informational item? >> yeah this was in response, i believe, mr. stinson and mr. yeppa appeard in public comment. staff is not
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recommending any action for all the reasons that you both have just articulated. >> obviously as commissioner woo ho stated, it is an unfortunate situation and we have had a long-term tenant and employees have been there for many years. unfortunately i think we're a bit boxed in. but i want to thank everyone for appearing today and for preparing information and obviously i want to make sure that we do all we can to assist the employees and work with them to get them connected to the right people in the mayor's office. thank you all very much. next item. >> item 15 new business. >> and i had one request i wanted to make to add to new business, if i could. >> uh-huh, please. >> we have had a report regarding sea level rise back on july 2nd of 2014. if we
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could perhaps get an update of the draft of the plan we are working with in conjunction with other city departments, if we can just get an update? >> certainly. >> thanks. >> i also had from commissioner adams to have the mayor's office of housing and community development come back and update the commission on their overall affordable housing efforts but we have them scheduled to come back at the second meeting in march specifically on the seawall at 322-1 agenda, but i am assuming you are asking more about similar to what we deal with the director of city planning, you would like to see them once a year. >> i'd like that. >> i doubt by the march meeting they will have something new to report, so we will just put them on the calendar annually. is that sufficient, commissioner adams? >> yeah.
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>> commissioner woo ho you had some items. >> having experienced a little of what the experience is for the public and our cruise ship passengers as well, a combination of both, i was going to ask if we could have some more formal study and recommendations on how to improve the movement of traffic and people when we have very heavy cruise ship days. and i think that i believe that there's got to be some steps that we can take that we shouldn't just accept the situation as is. i am not sure that the traffic was being directed as well i'm not sure that if we had better signage to tell people who are going to fisherman's wharf, don't take embarcadero, take some other route to get there so we could divert some traffic. within the cruise ship terminal itself it was a bit chaotic in terms of traffic flow and numbers of people and whether the terminal operator, the cruise ship should think about how they are
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going to plan if people are going to the airport, if they are going to the east bay, instead of individual cars could they have shuttle service, how can they get people to bart? i don't know these are just ideas. i'm not asking you to act on any of them, but somehow what i'm suggesting is someone needs to really pull the onion here step by step and see what they can do. i think we shouldn't accept the situation as is and once we get the arena and it's not on the embarcadero, but there's going to be more points of pressure on traffic around here and i think we don't want to keep waiting. i just hope that we can have a study of some kind. i leave it up to you to figure out what would be some of the best next steps to talk to our friends in the traffic transportation area and also to the cruise ship operator as well as maybe even the cruise ships, even if we are more conscious in
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scheduling cruise ship schedule itself to be -- hopefully to avoid having two or three ships on one day. i know we are very proud of that but i'm beginning to realize what the consequences are, too. it's looking at every bit of it and saying how can you improve and minimize the impact. it was just a really bad experience. it sort of ruined the saturday, let's put it that way. >> if that was the day it was raining so badly too. >> no, it was thankfully not. >> the other one i mentioned is asking the immigration people to consider global entry, that's pretty straightforward and easy for them to consider. that's an easy immigration process so people don't have to spend an hour to an hour and a half waiting just to get through immigration. >> i am pretty blessed to have good staffing relative to the other cruise ports. >> the luggage works really well. that part, you know, but you have to get to the luggage.
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>> well, commissioner, we will report back. i had already reported to you that i had a traffic engineer out there on saturday as well as our chief harbor engineer has been looking at it. i'm not sure yet what the recommendations are but i know that the traffic engineer from mta does have recommendations and observed everything that you just mentioned. so we are very much aware of it and working on it and we'll report back. >> thank you. >> i appreciate commissioner woo's comments but i look at it totally different. she had to go pick up someone. i have been down there several times and we knew when we put this facility there, there was going to be problems. now we could have mike come in because mike deals with the crews and also we can have someone from metro and i have been there on the ground watching the loading and unloading of the ships. i'm not saying, commissioner, that was a one off but i'd like to have them come and tell us what
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they are doing there. from what i've seen, you look on the space at the waterfront, there are a lot of people walking and that's just a part of doing business. there's a lot of congestion. this is a small city with limited space. i think maybe you can have a metro who does the facility and then have mike, our cruise ship guy, come up here at the next meeting but i have been down there several times on the ground and i talked to melvin mckai and i think they did a great job personally. i know you were down there, mayor lee was down there. from everybody i've talked to, i've heard nothing but positive things but i understand commissioner woo ho's concerns so maybe we can get them here to tell us what they are doing and maybe metro can tell us if they are doing something about immigration and global entry. commissioner woo ho --. >> one thing, i will say that people observed that as far as
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the ships, as far as loading and unloading of, for instance, supplies, the trucks and the luggage, that worked really well. that part i think metro's got it really under control. so it's the passenger flow and the people flow and the pick-up, that part is the area that i'm suggesting. but as far as the business side of getting the ship supplied and whatever, that seems to, people observed that the back part of the cruise ship terminal was flowing properly and well. >> thing's only been open a couple months. i'd kind of let it work out, why don't we have them come here so they can report. >> actually, if you will, i'd like to report back altogether. >> i think it's a work in progress. >> i'm a little worried if we did it piecemeal. >> director, why don't you put together some proposal to kind of get the reports back and coordinate it as you see fit. >> i will say the people
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directing traffic, i don't want to criticize again, there were six police people and only one was directing traffic and the others were standing there watching. that really gummed up the traffic. there weren't enough people saying go, go, go, and there's no light at the entrance there. just directing traffic from the human aspect, that's not a big thing to figure out how to make it work better. >> okay. then i got one other thing. on the new business about wanting to dedicate the meeting to besides the guy that we're going to dedicate the meeting to today, frank sabella, i want to dedicate our memorium, i would also like to dedicate our commission meet to go a good friend of me and leslie's, bob morales, one of the longest commissioners in the city. bob served for many many years on the san francisco commission, i served for 4 years with bob,
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bob was also a stalwart with the city, he was on the teamster's union, came from he will el salvador and bob will be truly missed not only for his dedication to the labor movement and also his contribution to the film commission. may he rest in peace. >> so we have a motion to adjourn in memory of frank sabella and bob morales. thank you, everyone. (meeting adjourned).
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